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MX Sing based Music Curriculum across all year groups (Nursery  to Year 6)



MX Sing Structure


1. Developing singing technique 

2. Ear training and pitch development 

3. Notation and sight reading

4. Rhythmic development and reading

5. Rhythmic performance through the use of traditional instrument: The Daff

6. Compositional skills using curricula topics to develop repertoire and explore melody, harmony, form and structure

7. Developing and performing repertoire chosen by the school and discussing it’s musical elements 

8. Exploring part singing and harmonies

9. Developing recognition and performance of musical outcomes including pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, articulation and timbre

10. Developing musicality in conjunction with school ethos and working closely with staff to develop the musical curriculum across the school






  • Introduction to solfa; recognising and performing 
  • Developing singing voice through learning repertoire chosen by the school
  • Performing and recognising the rhythm and pulse of music through voice and movement chosen by the school 
  • Introduction to music outcomes 
  • Introduction to notation, rhythm reading, recognition and performance



  • Further developing the above
  • Developing sight reading and sight singing skills
  • Composing and arranging vocal songs using the themes, topics and works currently occurring in the school including poems, transcripts and stories created by the students and/or staff
  • Developing performance of more challenging repertoire chosen by the school
  • Exploring activities which develop conducting skills
  • Rhythmic dictation 




  1. Welcome
  • Warming up voices
  • Call and response sounds and melodies


  1. Singing technique, solfa, pitch 
  • This could include solfa hand signs, pitch recognition and performance, reading music, and repertoire.


  1. Rhythmic Development
  • This could include pulse and rhythm, reading notation, performing and recognising rhythms or performance through movement or using the Daff. 


  1. Repertoire development
  • Working on a piece, singing
  • Exploring musical outcomes through repertoire
  • This could involve composing, arranging and analysing musical content


  1. Farewell
  • Recap concepts explored during lesson
  • Warm down vocal activity