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Hate Crime Workshops went down well with years 5 and 6!

In June our children were visited by 'Just Enough UK' who spent some time holding some workshops designed to raise awareness about how hate crime and prejudice begins and what it can lead to. 

Our pupils really took on board the messages that the visitors delivered as you will see from the quotes below.


In answer to the question, 'what have you learnt today?' some of the responses included:


  • Prejudice leads to hate
  • It doesn't matter about your race everyone should be treated the same
  • I learnt that if you don't like other people's ideas doesn't mean you have to fight
  • Treat others how you want to be treated
  • Speak up against hate
  • You shouldn't be rude to people because of the colour of their skin
  • Everyone has something special about them
  • Race should be celebrated


They also volunteered some thoughts of their own, at the end of the sessions:


  • Don't hate people, spread love!
  • Race is not an excuse to be rude! Stop racism!
  • I liked the workshop very much and I appreciate you coming to our school
  • This was interesting because not many people know
  • You should treat others how you want to be treated
  • The session was amazing!
  • I think it was a fun workshop and I really enjoyed it
  • Laura was an amazing presenter and should visit again


We agree! We are hoping to ask Just Enough UK to visit us again next year too.