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Walking Bus has started!

Well, we have been looking forward to this week for some time and, in our latest step to become an even cleaner, greener, fitter and healthier school we began Iqra's first ever Walking Bus on Wednesday 25th April.


Around 20 pupils gathered eagerly with several staff members by the corner near Sainsburys, Clapham Common at 7.50am, put on their high viz vests and walked the 15 minutes or so, via the lovely back streets of Clapham enjoying all of the front gardens and flowers before arriving safely at school for around 8.15am.


We are already looking forward to next week! 


Future Dates are as follows:


Wednesday   02.05.18      Thursday 3.05.18      @7:50am

Wednesday   09.05.18      Thursday 10.05.18     @7:50am

Wednesday   16.05.18      Thursday 17.05.18     @8:50am

(Ramadan time)

Wednesday   30.05.18      Thursday 31.05.18     @8:50am

(Ramadan time)

Wednesday   06.06.18      Thursday 17.05.18     @8:50am

(Ramadan time)

Wednesday   20.06.18      Thursday 21.06.18     @7:50am

Wednesday   27.06.18      Thursday 28.06.18     @7:50am

Wednesday   04.07.18      Thursday 05.07.18     @7:50am

(Last Walking bus for the year)