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PE and Sport Premium

The sports premium has been used to support the promotion of sports at Iqra and the development of a high quality sports provision, backed up by extra-curricular provision in the form of a range of after school activities including; football, netball and martial arts clubs.


Additionally, our own teachers assist the coaches in their delivery of some lessons, promoting their own good practice and contributing to the sustainability of the initiatives.


Spending Overview & Evidence of Impact


Sport Premium Grant Received: £8,855






Swimming provision generally but additional Separate swimming sessions for girls, as parents reluctant to send girls to mixed classes, promoting inclusivity

  • 100% participation of girls in swimming lessons was achieved


Entry for inter-school multi sports competition



  • Year 5 and Year 6 pupils took part – Year 6 pupils won the even outright


  • Increased participation in competitive sports


  • Introduction of new sports to the curriculum



Cost of the coach and additional staff member to accompany approx;







The profile of sports raised across the school; at morning and lunch play time, equipment for table tennis, basketball and netball and playground markings

  • Pupils continue to participate in a range of sports other than football during play times. These are now facilitated by a professional sports coach two days a week


Specialist PE coaches to teach one out of two PE lessons per week to improve teachers’ PE skills


Specialist PE coaches to provide after-school clubs – further subsidised by the school

  • Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of teachers in teaching PE
  • Broader experience of range of sports and activities offered to pupils including netball, basketball, rugby, martial arts, boxing, archery, gymnastics

£ 12000



£ 15028

Difference (met by school budget)


£   6173