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Pupil Premium



At Iqra Primary School we are proud of our record in terms of spending the significant amount of money the Government makes available to support the learning of those pupils who are entitled to benefit  from what has become known as the pupil premium grant.


Please open the latest PDF reports below to see how we used last year's money and the difference it made together with another report detailing our planned expenditure during the current curriculum year 2016-2017.

Achievement for All


Iqra has been working in partnership with Achievement for All since
Autumn 2015 and has seen a marked improvement in many aspects including
working with parents and carers on children’s targets as part of the AfA framework.

Achievement for All works closely with parents, carers, teachers and the individual
child to secure the best outcome and attainment for the pupils through personalised
and specific targets. The specific programmes of support aim to raise children’s
self-esteem, build stamina and resilience and remove barriers to learning.

Iqra is now working towards the Achievement for All Quality Mark which would.
recognise the impressive work being done by the school to improve progress in reading, writing and maths for all pupils, particularly those with barriers to learning.

Iqra is continuing to build on the success and accomplishments of this
effective initiative.

Parents and carers are invited to termly rounds of Structured Conversations with their
child’s coach/mentor usually taking an hour. Additionally, Achievement for All have worked closely with our staff to support our drive to improve the quality of marking and feedback that is given to our children, not just by teachers but by all adults working at the school. This has made a significant difference to our pupils.