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School Values

Mission Statement


As a school we are committed to:

  • Developing love for Allah and following the Sunnah of our Prophet (S.A.W)
  • Supporting all members of the school community in their pursuit of academic success.
  • The belief that the talents and potential of the children should be recognised and nurtured, so that they leave school as well rounded individuals who become lifelong learners.
  • A society where all individuals feel valued, receive fair and just treatment; as a school we reject prejudice in all its forms.
  • Supporting all groups to have access to equality of opportunity.
  • Celebrating common values and respecting differences in order to create a community where all are treated with dignity and are able to work and learn within a happy environment.
  • Creating a caring community school with a family environment where children feel secure, safe and happy and where they are able to talk, listen and be listened to and look forward to coming to school.
  • Making parents feel valued and actually involved in their children’s education, working in true partnership with the school.
  • Creating an environment where all staff feel respected and supported to become active members in all aspects of school life.
  • Promoting and developing positive links with our local and other communities.