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At Iqra we place a high value on the wider opportunities we give to our children - and especially the chance to broaden their educational and social horizons as a result of taking part in a wide variety of educational visits.

On this page you will get a flavour of some of the things our children have experienced.

Lambeth Bus Day 2016

Lambeth Bus Day 2016 1 Waiting at the bus stop
Lambeth Bus Day 2016 2 Meeting some London Transport staff
Lambeth Bus Day 2016 3 What a great day!

Reception Trip | October 2015

On 13th October, our Reception children visitedDee City Farm and had a wonderful day learning about, and even handling, some of the animals.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Year 1 Trip | October 2015

Our Year 1 visited the Childhood Museum on the 14th October. The visit was to support their History topic ‘Toys: Past and Present’. It was a full day visit and the children looked forward to and thoroughly the experience very much.

Picture 1

Yr 2 Trip to Clapham Library

On 16th October, our year 2 class visitedClapham Library - a brand new state-of-the-art library in the heart of Clapham - and found out all about how a library works and what its purpose is.

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Picture 2

Year 4 Trip  

On 26th October, Year 4 visited the British Museumto learn all about the Anglo Saxons.

Picture 1

Year 5 Trip  

On 28th October, Year 5 visited the University of Queen Mary to study scientific investigation.

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Year 6 Trip to The Sutton Life Centre

On 11th November, Year 6 enjoyed a thought provoking day at The Sutton Life Centre and had the chance to take part in workshops around a range of life skills.

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Picture 3
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Picture 5

Year 3 Trip December 2015

On 1st December, Year 3 children will be going to spend a day at Butser Ancient Farm.

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