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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 - Neptune!


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Picture 1 Making a circuit in science

Year 4 Trips and Assemblies 2016-2017

We have had 2 trips so far this year: the British Museum to look at Anglo-Saxon artefacts and to Battersea Park to observe and draw the river Thames.

We have a further trip planned for Wednesday, 1st February. We will return to the British Museum to enrich our Ancient Egyptian topic.

Picture 1

Awful Egyptian Assembly

Year 4 bravely took on the challenge of presenting a Horrible Histories assembly about the Ancient Egyptian, called the Awful Egyptian Assembly on 9th March.

They created costumes, props and brought in resources for the production, rehearsing for 2 weeks to make it as perfect as it could be. The whole school really enjoyed their performance, as did the Mums and Dads who came to watch. Masha Allah Year 4!


We give English or topic related homework every week as well as Maths homework.

Reading is expected to happen every day and spellings are given weekly. The spelling list for this term is included below.